The Method
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The Method

Our Vocal technique is a technique based on the knowledge and use of the natural bridges in the voice, allowing singers to vocalize with a connected tone from low to high. Traditional vocal methods are limited to using exclusively chest voice for pop and theater styles or head voice for classical styles. These methods offer no connection between the chest and head voice, limiting singers in range and style. Forcing the chest voice up or the head voice down can also lead to strain and, ultimately, vocal damage.


We listen to what you already do well when you sing, and help you develop what isn’t working so well. Our goal is to identify and strengthen the weaker areas in your voice that are causing you concern and problems.  Every singer is different! Some people need to develop more power, while others might need to back off a little to get their voices to work with more flexibility and balance. Virtually all singers, even famous professionals, have worked at balancing their voices, and continue to do so.


During the course of your lessons, our main goal is to help you find the voice you want:  healthy, powerful, and balanced.


Each student is individually assessed for his or her specific problems, and given exercises to work with to achieve their goals. You can learn to sing with the same comfortable, easily-produced voice you use when you speak, no matter where the note is in your range. When you know how to use your voice correctly, you can have it working great forever!